” Repeat All ” Vevey, Switzerland

” Repeat All ” Vevey, Switzerland

« Repeat All » Vevey, Suiza

15 – 30 September 2006
KBB and the association ” Toit du Monde ” based in the city of Vevey present ” Repeat all “, a fresh and dynamic project, which took place in parallel to the IMAGES festival in the same city.

Artists : Carlos Amorales(MX),John Bock(D), Jordi Colomer (ES), Sanna Kannisto (FIN), Hassan Khan (EGY), Montean/Rosenblum(AUT/ISR), EL Perro (ES), Pink Twins (FIN), Solmaz Shahbazi (IRN), Santiago Sierra (ES), Sean Snyder (USA), Alejandro Vidal (ES)

“Repeat all” is not only a project of traditional video art exhibition, it is also a sort of travel diary from the past two years through which some representatives of KBB and Toit du Monde association have taken the temperature of the international cultural panorama composed of various actors with whom links have been woven.

It is therefore a project that combines a creative medium and the relations maintained by both associations between 2004 and 2006.  In addition, from the outset, “Repeat All” is an exhibition that has been thought to be itinerant and, following Vevey, has taken the road to Chile in 2007, Brazil in 2009 and Venezuela in 2010.

Presented in the enormous 2400 m2 post-industrial hall of the former mechanical workshops in Vevey, the 12 video installations, displayed in individual modules painted in vibrant colors and installed theatrically throughout this gigantic space, allowed visitors to perceive in just a few hours the vast possibilities that this medium brings to artists. The general idea was to make visitors travel from one world to another in just a few steps.

The selection of videos was made during 2005 and 2006 on the occasion of various screenings at contemporary art fairs, biennials and major international exhibitions. Thus, various social, political, aesthetic or scientific positions that the artists address today through their creations appear as the main topics of this collection.

This final selection is obviously also concerned with the aesthetic and technical quality, the originality and the duration of all the videos together, so that in this context they can be viewed in a few hours without causing the public to suffer frustration.

“Repeat all” does not pretend to show world or European premieres, but intends to offer the public, which has not necessarily had the opportunity to visit the various international biennials and contemporary art fairs in recent years, an overview of video art creation in all its splendor.

The project includes two performances at the opening of the exhibition

Friday September 15th
Tabla Dubb
Hassan Khan (Cairo, Egypt) http://www.hassankhan.com/

Saturday 16th September
Video Performance Electro Noise
Pink Twins (Helsinki, Finland) http://www.pinktwins.com/

With the support of
The Lottery funds of Switzerland – Loterie Romande
Swiss art Council Pro Helvetia
FRAME Finnish Funds for art Exchange
BCV, Banque cantonale Vaudoise 
City of Vevey
Getaz SA
Grisoni Zaugg SA
Red Bull
Amstein AG
Rivieracouleur, Vevey
Leguriviera sa, Vevey
Photoptic Paillard, Fribourg

General Coordination
Carolina Olivares

Curated by
Sigismond de Vajay