Our Mission

KBB gives visibility to artists, curators and thinkers, organizing exhibitions, performances, film productions, talks, workshops, conferences, video art, film and experimental music screenings as well as a dynamic publishing activity related to art books and prints.

KBB advises, creates and designs projects for institutions, biennials, festivals and events whose challenge is to spread out contemporary art productions. KBB is a bridge between institutional and the private initiatives, a platform for dialogue between Buenos Aires and other cities in the world through alliances with similar organizations and spaces. 

Printed Matters

Since 2009 KBB has been working as an important player in the publishing field in Latin America, producing among other projects, some fifteen monographic books of Argentinean artists and more recently by Chilean and Mexican as well. On the other hand, KBB has published compilations bringing together various artists and authors, as in the case of “Of Bridges & Borders, vol. I & II” and the publication of a new book on which we are working that will bring together artists from the contemporary Argentinean art scene from the fifties till the seventies, through the famous de Ridder award and the activities of the IAM (Institute of Modern Art) of Buenos Aires (1949-1953). 

KBB seeks to confirm its position as one of the Latin American publishers in the art book market. The program will expand the production of monographs and book editions by recognized and emerging South American artists.

Artists who already count with a monograph and/or an artist book published are: Jorge Macchi, Adrián Villar Rojas, Sigismond de Vajay, Matías Duville, Diego Bianchi, Victor Florido, DOMA, Mariana Sissia, Luciana Lamothe, Guillermo Kuitca, Gimena Macri, Jorge Miño, Mariana Telleria and Alejandro Quiroga.

Simultaneously we have edited some graphic works of artists who collaborate in our projects, like Fabrice Gygi, Lang/Baumann and Matias Duville.

Exhibitions and Events

KBB organizes, curates, coordinates and produces international cultural projects.

Between 2006 and 2010 the video art exhibition “Repeat all” was presented in Switzerland, Chile, Brazil and Venezuela. In 2011, “Of Bridges & Borders” was produced in Buenos Aires, a project carried out in collaboration with Fundación PROA, CCEBA (Spanish cultural Center), MAMBA (Museum of Modern Art), City Government and Fundación x la Boca, with more than 50 guest artists. In 2013 the project was presented in a new format in Valparaiso, Chile. In 2017 KBB produced the exhibition “Naturaleza muerta” for DOMA collective in the Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, and in 2018 we produced the 18 artworks of the Art Basel Cities : Buenos Aires art week in collaboration with Art Basel and the City Government.

Along the past decade KBB stood out as a producer and developer of high visibility cultural events and contents, managing to capture the attention of hundreds of thousands of spectators and consumers who visited the exhibitions, interventions in the public space or purchased our publications and art products.