Support KBB

What does supporting KBB means:

  • To enable an active group of artists, managers, filmmakers, photographers, graphic editors and curators to carry out great projects in and from Buenos Aires
  • To strengthen the city’s cultural offer by connecting with a new cultural platform
  • Social commitment by helping to increase the cultural diversity of a community
  • Contributing to education through artistic circulation
  • Being generous and philanthropic

How to support KBB and become a partner in the project:

A// Patron - Sponsorship:

The company or corporation that supports KBB receives a direct return on investment with direct visibility through culture through a specific communication that reaches a defined target. KBB generates visibility for the brands that are associated with each project, thus underlining social and corporate responsibility.

Through our contemporary art and culture actions, our sponsors manage to communicate in a precise way, adding strength to other formats that contribute positively to their company’s objectives.

We are at your disposal to provide a personalized presentation of the concrete possibilities of collaboration that we can offer.


  • Annual sponsorship in cash or throughout donations (contributions of services or products)

Sponsoring companies can appear in our communication throughout the year according to the following categories:

U$D 10,000 or more (Platinum)
up to U$D 10,000 (Gold)
up to U$D 5,000 (Silver)
up to U$D 1,000 (Bronze)

  • Main sponsor of a specific project: possibility of a joint development action according to a plan to be agreed.

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B // Patronage

It responds to the Law of Patronage implemented by the City Government of Buenos Aires since 2010.

Under this law, KBB got 12 projects approved since 2011 actions which supported partly and locally the activities of our association.

It allows our patrons, companies who registered in the tax system of the City of Buenos Aires, to make their social commitment to support our mission through our activities and cultural projects with their contributions, which are from 100% to 80% deductible from their gross income.

Any company based in Buenos Aires wishing to support KBB can do so. The procedure is simple: you can use the AGIP website in conjunction with the sponsorship website.

At the same time, local or international companies can carry out marketing or brand visibility activities through KBB’s program.

In the case of Buenos Aires based companies The Sponsorship Act allows a percentage of the contribution made to the project chosen to be deducted, i.e. the percentage allocated to our projects by the Sponsorship Act will also be recognized as gross intake payment from the company to the collector.

All operations supported by this law are carried out through the usual collection entities of the GCBA, ensuring its practicality and transparency with the destination of the funds and the automatic accreditation of the tax credit.

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C// Private benefactors

KBB receives donations from the private sector. Anyone who wants to support our mission can join yearly in the following categories.

Annual categories for benefactors:

  • Great Benefactor of the Arts (U$D 3,000)
  • Couple Benefactor (U$D 700)
  • Individual Benefactor (U$D 500)
  • Junior Benefactor [under 30 years old] (U$D 250)

All categories are part of the KBB VIP, granting special privileges and considerations for VIP events, Private Views, and on acquisitions of works and books we produce. KBB puts together an annual special event for its benefactor members are invited.

D// Alliances - Agreements – Universities partnerships

KBB seeks to reach agreements with national companies and Universities in Argentina or internationally that allow work experience internships at KBB for students in cultural management, production and communications careers.

More information:

Other ways to support KBB in its mission:

  • contributing assigning temporary space (building, premises or warehouse), for exhibitions, publishing and distribution actions, general and administrative activities.
  • purchasing our produced products, such as books, prints, CDs, videos and works of art, both for individuals and for educational institutions’ media libraries etc…
  • Attending and spreading our news and events and activities such as exhibitions, performances, workshops, book launch, etc…
  • volunteering for some of our projects.