We publish and produce art books on a regular basis since 2009. For now we have published monographs or artists’ books from Argentina artists and some compilations. From 2020 onwards, we have expanded the geographical framework by working with artists from other Latin American countries. In 2011 we started a close collaboration with the Swiss publishing house JRP with whom we made a distribution agreements for certain Latin American countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Peru), and for whom we distribute more than 170 titles. In very exceptional cases we do agreements with some other publishers related with our program.

Our catalogue includes artists from all continents with works in a variety of formats. Artists like Adrián Villar Rojas, Armin Linke, Carsten Nicolai, Dieter Roth, Doug Aitken, Guillermo Kuitca, Henry Moore, Jorge Macchi, Liam Gillick, Luciana Lamothe, Mariana Sissia, Mike Kelley, Philippe Parreno, Richard Prince, Sturtevant, Thomas Hirschhorn, Tom Burr, Tony Oursler, Ugo Rondinone, Wade Guyton or Ai Weiwei are part of the extensive list of artists that we distribute and/or edit.

KBB publishes and produces graphic work on paper since 2011. It began with a series of actions in collaboration with international guest artists and the Buenos Aires-based editors of original graphic work, Malevo Estampa. So far, projects have been carried out with the following artists: the Swiss Fabrice Gygi and the Lang/Baumann duo, the Mexicans Daniel Alcalá and Nicola López, the German Carsten Nicolai and the Argentinean Matías Duville. In 2015, a heliography of Sigismond de Vajay was published with the Swiss printshop of Moutier and the EAC of Porrentruy. More