KBB Art Hub

In 2020 we started to develop ideas for the KBB Art Hub architectural design, a rural housing project that will start around 2021-2022 offering an infrastructure of residencies for artists. Located in the countryside at 100 km from Buenos Aires, where most of Argentina’s cultural points of interest are located, KBB Art Hub will encourages and inspire creators from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

It will host a total of 3 equipped living and working units, an additional general hub which will also serve as a common workshop, library and an event/conference space, where film projections, readings and concerts can be held. Several other open spaces will facilitate the presentation of permanent projects, which can be installed and/or performed during the residencies.

Residents will benefit from a housing unit with basic infrastructure, encouraging them to carry out a project for which they have been selected, with an open approach that can be, research, production or inspiration for future developments, like film, theater, architecture and so on.

To stimulate active dialogue, KBB Art Hub plans to organize workshops and open talks during the residency programs, as well as special events with different local and international cultural actors.

Residents will also benefit from direct contacts in most of the cultural and scientific institutions in Buenos Aires and other places in Argentina and Latin America that link them to the continent.

KBB will pay special attention to experimental projects that intertwine the notions of art, nature and environment.

Application programs will be published at different stages of the project: during the building of the residencies, at the end of the construction of the buildings and once the residencies are ready to welcome the selected residents.

More info will be posted soon.