“Corpus Ibericum Spencer Tunick”

“Corpus Ibericum Spencer Tunick”

«Corpus Ibericum Spencer Tunick»

28 July – 25 September 2005

With this exhibition, composed by photographic and video documents of great strength , KBB brings once again to the city of Barcelona, an internationally recognized artist who marked with his work the history of contemporary art in recent years. In this sense, KBB is not limited to hosting the exhibition but has also produced most of these works for this exhibition.

The inauguration on July 28th was attended by the artist and several media outlets. Corpus Ibericum is the second individual exhibition of the artist in Spain through which the public was invited to discover unpublished documents of Tunick’s journey through the Iberian Peninsula.A unique opportunity for the 7000 participants and their friends and relatives to discover the artistic result of the work he produced in Barcelona in 2003. The exhibition presented large-format group photos, individual photos and videos, with the city of Barcelona as the guiding principle.

Spencer Tunick called for an installation on the KBB terrace with people he chose during his days in Barcelona.