Liam Gillick, Woven/Intersected/Revised

Liam Gillick, Woven/Intersected/Revised

English, Italian
ISBN: 978-3-905701-47-0
Hardcover, 14 cm x 18,5 cm
72 pages
40 color

Published by jrp I editions
Authors: Luca Cerizza, Liam Gillick
Edited by Luca Cerizza

The art of decoration

Stemming from a program of site-specific commissions for a bank, this books are conceived as individual monographs on each artist’s contribution. Gathering preparatory material, documentation on the works, and essays by critics or the artists themselves, these volumes contribute a discussion around commissioning, the notions of public vs. private collection, and the relationship between artists and patrons.

Liam Gillick’s book shows the realization of his designs in conference rooms, corridors, and offices, coinciding with his sustained interest in the negotiation of a middle ground between corporate culture and contemporary art. The volume is accompanied by an artist’s essay discussing the dissolution of the public/private dichotomy into a grey zone of semi-public/semi-private spheres.

John Armleder’s book focuses on the origins of his playful use of multiple styles and devaluated decorative effects for a practice claiming to be anchored in the 20th century avant-gardes.

The books are published by the commissioner, BSI (Banca della Svizzera Italiana), as part of the Lugano Art Program, managed by the Italian curator and critic Luca Cerizza.

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