About the art print edition:

· Silkscreen – 7 colors
· 70 copies
· Paper size 18.50’’ x 24.40’’/ 50% cotton paper.
· Each copy is signed and numbered by the artists and comes together with a certificate of authenticity.

About the artist:

The artist duo (Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann) works together since 1990 under the name of Lang/Baumann or simply L/B. Renowned for its work on the borderline between art, architecture and design, makes play on confusing genres. Their practice includes wall paintings, inflatables, stage object, public art interventions, furniture or architectural micro environments. They modify locations to transform spaces for a new experience, that alter our notion of distance and dimension. Their works combine everyday elements with 1970s pop culture, design, and the world of sports. They have also expanded their urban interventions by making temporary colorful pavement paintings.

In the last decade they produced a large amount of site-specific interventions, which tend towards an osmosis between shape and context, both in the museum institution and the public arena, permanently posing one question: that of use and interaction.

The Swiss duo took part to various exhibition projects with KBB along the years with important productions, “Of Bridges & Borders”, Buenos Aires and Valparaiso as well as “Fokus Switzerland” in Barcelona back in 2005.

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