“Personne n’est innocent…”

“Personne n’est innocent…”

«Personne n’est innocent...»

29 May – 25 July 2004

Comfort Moderne, Poitiers, France
A project by Damien Airault and Sigismomnd de Vajay

Group exhibition on the aesthetics of the climate prior to violence with the following artists:

Alain Declercq (France)
Jon Mikel EUBA (Spain)
Sébastien FOUET (France)
Fabrice GYGI (Switzerland)
Leopold KESSLER (Austria)
Valérie PROT (Spain)
Sigismond de VAJAY (Switzerland/Spain)
Alejandro VIDAL (Spain)
Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (South Korea)

“No one is innocent…” is an exhibition that explores the sense of insecurity in its relationship to an invisible violence, its threat.

Originally, this project wanted to look at terrorist threats, the media phenomena that surround and sometimes create them. But in the end, far from the discourses criticizing the mass media, from a troubled political current affairs, from what feeds terror often exaggerated, the chosen works evoke extreme violence and remain peripheral to it: they show signs of barbarity.

It is at this level that “No one is innocent…” attempts to play coldly on psychological mechanisms. As if we do not know exactly what the crime is, but that we can provide the evidence, or, more precisely, that everyone conceives the evidence in themselves. So the artists in the exhibition wield ellipsis and suggestion. None of them exhibit the savage act or its unbearable consequences. By also avoiding metaphor, the images remain raw and direct.

“No one is innocent…” is the first project that KBB carried out in collaboration with another similar cultural institutions outside of Spain.

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