Naturaleza Muerta – DOMA

Naturaleza Muerta – DOMA

Naturaleza Muerta – DOMA

11 May – August 2018
Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Opening 11 May 2018
Sala Cronopios

After an invitation by the important Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, artist collective DOMA created an extraordinary large scale exhibition at Cronopios Room, one of the most important art venues in town. The show was extended due to its success and has ran from May to September 2018 having more than 70000 visitors and was also included at the official calendar of Art Basel Cities Buenos Aires, with a VIP Visit and and a public interview with main local curator Rodrigo Alonso.

Later the project was presented at MAR Museum in Mar del Plata, Argentina during the main summer season in 2019.

Produced in collaboration with KBB the exhibition encompasses the interdisciplinary work of over a year’s worth fabrication of site-specific works. The team consisted of more than 40 people: technicians, artists, assistants and producers spread across different parts of the world, connecting Buenos Aires with São Pablo (Brazil), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Italy.

The pieces and objects reflect on the effects of capitalism in an advanced stage, on acceptance of the ought to be and on the loss of life’s own essence. Doma collective is currently run by duo Orilo Blandini and Julian Manzelli.

“Life is a line between two points; anyone lucky enough to experience it has the right and the liberty to shape that line any way they wish. However, nowadays, it seems as if nobody were willing to accept these rights or liberties and, on the contrary, people seek obedience and dependence making their lives as inconspicuous as possible. We’ve been brought up under a hypocritical form of liberty, where the choice is limited to a menu designed by the media, religions, parents, schools, politicians and technology, raising individuals in absolute captivity. It’s come to the point where the physical pleasures, the cult of the ego, fleeting stimuli, vanity, success, power and money are what matters most and what have displaced life’s own essence. They have shot down the only value which makes walking along this line worth anything: Love. And in this regard, love today is the complete opposite of what it ought to be –it is anything but liberty.”
Doma Collective, 2018.

On August 31st, “Ensayo sobre croma líquido”, the fashion show that presented to the public SS19, Martin Churba’s new collection, was held among the works of Doma. The models walked through the works using them as a catwalk guided by a soundtrack that perfectly reflected the fresh and atypical style of the designer. They emerged from the coffin, passed through the flashes of the red carpet, reached the podium and exit the large brushes renewed. The soundtrack, on the other hand, was a nostalgic mashup of electronic beats from a Nokia 1100 cell phone, the viborita, MSN and Mario Bros.

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DOMA: Orilo Blandini + Julian Manzelli 
General Production: Doma + Kültur Büro Buenos Aires
Direction Assistant: Mario Rebecca
Administration / Consulting: Sigismond De Vajay + María Paoli
Texts: Doma + Gala Lucía González
Photography: Doma + Ezequiel Hilbert
Documentary Video: “NotesaboutDoma” Ezequiel Hilbert