Just Watch me

Just Watch me

21 May, 2006
KBB presents a new exhibition of Canadian video art (works from 2005 and 2006 exclusively) with projections on the terrace of the space.

curated by Nick Santos-Pedro

artists : Jason Britski, Duke & Battersby, Tamara Henderson, John Mathews and Steve Reinke,

duration of approximately 50 minutes.

The arts in Canada reflects its adolescence, a relatively young country struggling with its own identity, looking towards the future while constantly checking over its shoulder to the past. The five artists presented in “Just Watch me” range from those still in art school to others with established international exposition records, illustrate these conflicting attitudes by dwelling on such topics as humanity’s place in the natural environment (and by extension, Canada’s artistic preoccupation with its enormous landscape), popular culture, and theoretical/philosophical concerns both personal and international. Canada’s cultural muscles are beginning to flex, and if the potential of “Just Watch me” is any example, adulthood and the recognition it brings is not far off.

Thanks go out to Kelly Mark, Mike Hoolboom, Jason St. Laurent, Lani Maestro, and Laird Hamilton for their advice and support in the making of this programme. Thanks as well to Ivan Hernandez of Deloxnerviox Design (Barcelona) for his amazing production work, and all the staff at the Kültur Büro Barcelona for simply being amazing.

Nick Santos Pedro

Special thanks to the Canadian Embassy in Madrid and the Chez Lucien Bar & Restaurant (137 Murray Street, Ottawa, Ontario: the best food and service in Canada!) for their generous sponsorship of this event.