FoKus Finland

FoKus Finland

6 October – 2 December 2006
Video – electronics, interventions – installations

Axel Antas, Jaakko Niemelä, Karri Kuoppala, Mika Taanila, Mika Vainio, Otto Karvonen, Pink/Twins, Sanna Kannisto, Seppo Renvall, Tommi Gronlund and Petteri Nisunen, Vladislav Delay

Part one october 6th: Pink/twins, Karri Kuoppola, Sanna Kannisto, Mika Taanila

October 10 th: Mika Vainio live (Pan Sonic) 8 and 9 pm – Limited capacity – reservation recommended – Place KBB

Part two november 3rd: Jakko Niemela, Seppo Renval, Tommi Gronlund and Petteri Nisunen , Otto Karvonen

Axel Antas – From 9 to 12 pm in Carmelitas Gallery

Closing event:
December 1st
Vladislav Delay live

During two months FoKus Finland has become the gateway to Finnish contemporary art in Barcelona. 12 participating artists developed their artistic concepts across multiple disciplines, offering a glimpse of the Finnish cultural dynamics.

With this initiative, KBB has extended its experience in the circulation and promotion of international contemporary art in Barcelona. It became a multidisciplinary organizer of contemporary culture, giving visibility in the city to the current creation happening in various countries, as it did with the projects FoKus Switzerland and FoKus Montreal in 2005.

The FoKus Finland project was achieved thanks to the active collaboration of FRAME (Finnish found for art exchanges), The city of Helsinki and MAA – TILA as co-organizer.

The following institutions have collaborated in the realization of this project: ICAC of the Generalitat de Catalunya department of culture, LEM FESTIVAL, Estrella Damm, Illy Café and Carmelitas Gallery.

Iniciativa de : Kültur Büro Barcelona
Comisariado por : Sigismond de Vajay
Coordinado por : Carolina Olivares
Sponsors : Frame, Ciudad de Helsinki, Finnair
Co – organizador : MAA -TILA
Colaboran : ICAC de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Estrella Damm, Illy Café
Lem: Gracia territori Sonor

Details “Memoria Fragmentada” about one of the produced art piece by KBB for the project

“Memoria Fragmentada” is an installation made in collaboration with Seppo Renwall for Fokus Finlandia -group exhibition in Kültur Büro Barcelona.

Seppo Renwall ́s video “Woody” is projected on the back wall of the darkened rectangular exhibition space. The video, made of material shot by his father on 8mm film, shows two year old Seppo wondering around the garden of their summerhouse in mid 60’s.

In addition there are ten rounded double-sided mirrors hanging in a row between the projector and the projection wall. These mirrors rotate slowly with electric motors, about one round in a minute.

The rotating mirrors reflect slowly orbiting spots of the video projection on the surrounding walls of the exhibition space. The spots reflected by mirrors close to the projector have wider view and more details in them where as the mirrors closer to the back wall reflect very abstract, low resolution spots of the original video.

Since some of the mirrors rotate opposite direction the spots occasionally meet and overlap each other. This same effect is also caused by reflections passing the slower ones. Although all mirrors rotate at the same speed the reflected spots which are further from the source mirror are not only bigger but also move faster.

The installation creates an atmosphere reminding dreams in which fragments of your past suddenly come into your mind in random order only to be forgotten again. The images which were so vivid at night fade into confused traces of them by the morning. What remains is kind of melancholic longing for innocence you cannot reach anymore.